Will Tying Up With America’s Largest Banks Help The Royal Couple For An Independent Career?

Will Tying Up With America’s Largest Banks Help The Royal Couple For An Independent Career?
Will Tying Up With America’s Largest Banks Help The Royal Couple For An Independent Career?

Although Harry and Meghan’s initiation of carving out a financial space out of their own is in early days, a brilliant start didn’t head their decision. Mail reports, the couple flew from Vancouver Island to Miami last week, where the Duke gave a speech at an exclusive event organised by J.P. Morgan, America’s largest bank till the date.

The Intended Hypocrisy

The firm reportedly provided a private jet for the duo, despite their previous call to embrace environmentally friendly ways of travelling in the world. It’s not confirmed if that was a paid visit, while the suggestion of receiving up to £400,000 hasn’t been denied by royal spin-doctors.

The Royal Defamation & Embarrassment

Meanwhile, today Mail has announced that the Duke of Sussex’s representatives held talks with U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs last November related to his charities. But one can’t forget that both the banks have recorded a fair amount of controversy over the years with regard to caring for widows and orphans.

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The Question Of Dignity

The Royal Family, notwithstanding its periodic black sheep, enjoys the trust and confidence of people partly due to its existence above the cut-throat and occasionally unedifying investment banking being driven by duty and honour. On the other side, their wealth isn’t sourced out of commercially dependable contracts derived from famed associations.

The truth is that such institutions are drawn to Harry and Meghan like wasps to a honey pot in search of the very things the couple claim to play down i.e. their royal connections!

Now the question comes if Harry is well aware of such materialistic benefit who inevitably lived a rarefied sort of existence. In contrast, Meghan is closer to the hard realities of life.

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