Cheapest Vape Juice On The Market

Here are our top 6 cheapest vape juices on the market:

Many people are put off vaping due to the extreme high price of the juice. There are low cost affordable options on the market that won’t break the bank. Whilst not all affordable e-juices match the quality of premium brands they are great for those on a budget.

1. Mig Vapor Cuban cigar

Mig offer a cheaper option to the Cuban cigar with their enticing juice. This e-juice has been described as being almost as good as the real thing, only it won’t leave that infamous lingering smell on the clothes.

Mig’s vapour has all the mature and deep characteristics of aged tobacco leaf cigar, a perfect alternative for those who miss that distinctive cigar flavour. This is also a great entrance point for anyone who wants to smoke a real cigar but cannot quite handle the harshness of the taste, this blend is much softer on the palette.

Mig Vapor Cuban Cigar is 50/50 PG to VG blend and has a nicotine blend of 0% to 2.4%. The 70/30 VG to PG has a nicotine strength of 0% to 6%. The juice comes in 1515ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml size options.

2. Halo Cigs Sub Zero Menthol

This is the best low cost option for the peppermint vapers out there. Consumers have praised this for being the perfect mix between sweet or sharp minty. This is a perfect alternative for those who used to smoke menthol cigarettes and now want to switch to vapor as the aftertaste and sensation is comparable. Alternatively, this e-juice works really well as a vaping juice, just add a drop of this to another flavour for a burst of minty freshness.

This is only available in 70/30 VG to PG blend, pre-steeped. Halo offer bottle sizes of 10ml and 50ml.

3. Halo Cigs Unflavored Fusion E-Juice

This is the best option for purists that want no flavors or the DIY vaper.

Have you ever wanted to try vaping without any flavour but didn’t know where to start? Do you miss that nicotine hit? It is becoming more and more popular to vape in its purest form without any added tastes. This e-juice is also a perfect solution for those who want to blend their own unique flavour by mixing and customizing their own.

What is unique about Fusion E-Juice is that it’s a flavour enhancer not a flavour diluter. Adding this formula to other e-juices will see the accuracy of flavour come right through. It offers up smooth vape for those who want a throat hit and thick dense clouds.

Bottle comes in 10 ml and 30 ml sizes. Halo Cigs Unflavored Fusion E-Juice is available in  50/50 VG/PG blend or 70/30 VG/PG blend with the nicotine strength of 0mg to 36mg.

4. Strawberry Fruity E-juice Review — Bright and Sweet

This is one of the most realistic tasting strawberry e-juices on the market. This has the right amount of sweetness and berry flavour to make you think you are tasting the real thing. Use this with custard or milk based e-juices for a perfect pudding mix that is both sweet and juicy. Many consumers recommend mixing this with vanilla cake e-juice for the perfect strawberry shortcake taste and to milk based juice for a strawberry milkshake effect.

This does have a low nicotine strength, even at the highest mg, so this is perfect for those who have never smoked or for those who are weaning off nicotine.

The bottle only comes in 30ml and has a nicotine strength of 0mg to 1.2 mg.

5. VaporFi Caramel Tobacco

VaporFi e-juices cover a huge range of flavors from the classic tobacco to sweet candy tastes and fresh menthols. Their caramel tobacco blend is praised as being the best due to the robust tobacco flavour being teamed with a sweetness from the caramel that when mixed with peanut flavorings can give that peanut butter sensation.

All of their vape juice flavors come in a choice of PG/VG ratios, at either 50/50, 70% PG or max VG – with either 0, 3, 6, 12 or 18 mg/ml of nicotine.

6. The Sauce LA Open Road

The Sauce LA are committed to keeping their prices low but their range of choices large. Their range is filled with so many fruity and candy goodies it is hard to choose just one flavoring. The caramel marshmallow and rice Krispy Open Road comes widely recommended. The Fruit Loops and milk blend called Capone is the second most popular offering from the brand. Their range is filled with unique blended juices inspired by the candy and puddings of your youth.

Sauce LA’s juices come in either 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine with the PG/VG/ ratio fixed at 20/80, perfect for those with a rebuildable and are looking for cloud-friendly e-juice.

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