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Youtube is home to thousands of videos. Many of those videos include live performances, exclusive covers and unsigned artists who do not sell their content on other platforms. These would make perfect offline audio files to add to an IPod or MP3 player.

You could use a standard Youtube downloader and the convert that MP4 format into MP3 or you could find a converter that performs it all under one roof.

With one click of a search engine you can strip the audio from a Youtube video and then download it. The programs we have chosen are fast, don’t require you to enter your email address and open yourself us to spam and data breaches and allow you to rip multiple audio files at a time.

Be warned though, you should only be downloading content when you have the copyright owner’s permission. Youtube’s terms of service prohibit unauthorized downloading of content from their website.

1. Any Video Converter Free

This is one of the easiest converters to use on the internet, all you have to do is paste an URL into their browser, convert and then save it to your computer.

You might think from the title that this only converts video but this is a versatile browser tool.  This tool will easily convert one video format to another but it’s also great at downloading videos from Youtube and saving them in the MP3 format.

Although it is almost wasting the powerful tool, downloading MP3s is as simple as pasting in the URL of a Youtube video you want to convert and waiting momentarily for the video to download. You can choose multiple output formats that will download either the audio or the whole video and then hit the convert now button. It’s not quite a one click option but it’s very user-friendly and quick.

2. aTube Catcher

ATube catcher is another paste and click option for converting Youtube videos to MP3. It’s an easy tool for ripping audio from Youtube videos and converting it into the MP3 format.

This tool requires downloading onto your desktop. The video to MP3 converter presented to you on the Windows style menu will only work on files downloaded to your PC. Select the Youtube Downloader to convert Youtube to MP3, it’s an easy one step process that allows you to paste the URl in the box. There are lots of different outputs you can choose including various quality levels of MP3. The video will then be downloaded to your chosen folder and encoded, ready to watch on your device.

3. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

This YouTube to MP3 stands out because the download comes complete with album artwork making it perfect for those who download onto media players.  This design is very simple to use, has a well-designed interface but does contain adverts.

This is a very simple to use tool that does what it says in the title with little fuss. The issue with this tool, much like other similar tools, is that there is bundled adware from ByteFences so be careful when installing and uncheck any additional features you do not want. Be sure to read everything during the installation period.

Because this converter is designed for one task, it performs said task brilliantly. There are not many options or formats to choose from, simply use the drop-down menu to choose the size and quality of MP3 you want to do, paste the URL and click download. This tool quickly converts and downloads the audio in one go.

If you are new to this world of mp3 converting this is a great starter tool, there is no messing around choosing different converters and different formats, it is one of the least confusing converters on the market.


ClipGrab makes Youtube to MP3 conversion easy, just copy and paste the URL of the video you require converting and the software will do the hard work. This one click download also has a video search option which means you don’t even have to find the video you require converting on Youtube. The one downside to the software, which can be easily avoided, is the bundling of the Opera browser. Like many other downloadable programs read the small print and uncheck any extras you don’t want.

Copy a Youtube URL to the clipboard and the ClipGrab program will immediately jump into action, indicate you are interested in downloading the audio into MP3 and then click Grab This Clip.

5. 4K Video Downloader

This downloader is popular because it can download playlists cross-platform. Whilst it is not the coolest and most stylish piece of software around, it is a well-design and easy to use converters. This will work on lots of different video formats from Youtube to Vimeo, Facebook and Vimeo. The most unique selling point of the 4K Video Downloader is that you can download a whole Youtube playlist if you desire, in one swoop.

Select Extract Audio and pick the format you desire and then once you confirm extraction your audio will be converted and downloaded.  The free version will allow you to download a 24 video playlist, for anything longer you will need to buy the software’s licence key.

6. Flvto

Flvto allows users to convert any video, whether that be Youtube or not, onto an Android smartphone in a quick and easy manner. All you need, after downloading the app, is to input the video link into the converter and press convert to turn the video into MP3.

This app doesn’t come with bells and whistles but it has an easy to use interface and is very user friendly.

7. Airy

Airy is the best Youtube to MP3 converter for MAC, it’s easy to use and a great starting point for beginners.

Airy allows users to download videos from Youtube in different quality levels and resolutions in just a few clicks. This app will also support MP4, FLP and 3GP media formats. Meaning you can convert so much more than Youtube videos. Airy offers full HD, 4K and 8K quality downloads.

Airy also has the fantastic feature of letting you save whole Youtube playlists to your hard drive in one go.

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